Thai Nature

We read a lot online about the wildlife in Thailand, like the mosquitos, spiders, scorpions, stray dogs, cat sized rats and rat sized cats, but our first taste of nature was right outside the balcony of our room, when Jo spots a crocodile lazily swimming down the canal. A freaking crocodile, just outside out room, which hangs over the canal. Off to a good start.


But fine, I can handle that. If we end up in that nasty canal we will have a whole lot of bugs to worry about aside from the Crocodile so not the end of the world.

That evening we get our second taste of the local wildlife, meet Betty pictured below. He hangs from the lamp outside our room squeaking to his buddy flying around outside. Scared the crap out of me when he dropped on my head on the first night but we developed an understanding. He doesn’t drop on my head, I don’t scream like a girl. Sorted.

Betty the Bat
Betty the Bat

Alas, I don’t have a picture of the third encounter with the wildlife as I didn’t have my phone in the shower, but Sid the shower mosquito kept us company for the morning shower nibbling on our ankles. We don’t like Sid, but we hope he doesn’t have Dengue fever. Asshole.

I’m writing this in Ayutthaya, our second stop. While I’m sure we will see more wildlife in Thailand on our travels I didn’t want to give Sid the Asshole Shower Mosquito the last bit of this page, so please meet the Larry, Linda and Leslie the Lizards.

She turned me into a newt!


  1. Hi Chris and Jo! Hope you are enjoying your travels so far. We are loving your travel log. Keep us up to date with your travels xxx

  2. Very entertaining! You didn’t have injections or tablets before you went for nothing, at least I hope you did. Like your toe nail polish Jo!

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