First ‘day’ in Bangkok



We spent some time in the UK deliberating over what type of hotel to stay in for our 3 days here, especially

as the exchange rate opens up some awesome options.  If it’s your kind of thing you could get a high rise super luxurious apartment with infinity pool for not much money at all.  Bangkok is probably the most expensive place to do that though, so we’ll keep the super-lux for later in the trip.

Jo found a fantastic place on Airbnb just a short walk away from the center of the cultural district – unfortunately this is also backpacker town so if you follow suit be prepared for hammering music at 2am and late-night party goers ‘sleeping’ next door, which if you’re old may not be your thing.  We are old, it wasn’t.

Viman Guesthouse

Our guesthouse is incredibly cutesy.  Situated right on the Canal with lots of dark wood furnishings it’s a one of the quieter backpacker’s hostels, with a bench on the side of the canal for a relaxing coffee in the morning and a communal area with cushions on the floor.  Every morning Jo tries to make conversation with the two young Thai girls cleaning the communal areas, they don’t understand each other but there is always a happy jovial atmosphere between them and there is a really friendly, family style atmosphere with the kids playing next door.

Just down the road from the guest house is a fantastic breakfast and lunch place called Saneh Bangkok which looks like it’s been put together with driftwood and tarpaulin.  It’s a great example of Thailand, it doesn’t have walls but the food is amazing and they have a Facebook page.  The breakfast here is really good though, and for those of us who hadn’t acclimatized fully to Thai food yet served English as well as Thai breakfasts.

We drop the backpacks and get ready to start our holiday.

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