Pak Chong & Khao Yai National Park

Something a little different today!  We spent two nights as guests of Greenleaf Guesthouse and Tour –  For one price you get picked up at Pak Chong train station, two nights stay in the guesthouse, a half day tour of a natural water spring and a bat cave then a full day tour of the Khao Yai National Park searching for the wild elephants and watching the local wildlife – both splendid treats with fantastic guides – our first guide, on the half day tour, was laughing and joking around, giving us funny stories and tidbits of information about the area and getting people involved, the second guide, on the day tour, was full of enthusiasm and ability to spot a tiny creature from the cab of a moving truck was incredible.  He would regularly dart off with his telescope, find something and beckon us over to see some fabulous animal.   We highly recommend these guys as the trip was well worth it.

The accommodation was pretty basic, but they are quite clear about this when you book.  It worked well for us though as it’s winter at the moment so only 30 degrees, and Jo had developed a minor cold with all the air con we had been in the last week.  There is also no hot water in the shower, which was an experience but not so bad considering I had spent each day sweating constantly.

They have partnered with a hotel close by so any customers who cannot deal with the room have the option to upgrade to aircon and hot water, but honestly the restaurant attached to our place by far made up for the room – it was some of the best Phanaeng curry I’ve had on the trip, by far.

So, without further ado – and because there isn’t much more to say as we mainly bounced around in the back of a converted pickup truck, photos!

By the way – there are a bunch of videos below the gallery because I haven’t figured out how to mix them together yet – check them out!  It’s worth it for Jo’s reaction to a Whip Spider and Scorpion!

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