The Journey


Our last coffee, with everything we own that isn’t packed into a tiny storage box

Ahh, London.  Home for the last ten years.

We have so much love for the city and have so many incredible memories that it was hard to fully commit to the idea of leaving.

Maybe one day we will write some things down on places to see and things to do in the city, but that would take a long while and we have the rest of the world to see.


Wrocław Skyline
Wrocław Skyline

Jo’s hometown.

Wrocław is a student city and 4th largest in Poland.  It’s home to fantastic culture, coffee houses, pubs and historic sites.

We lived here for 3 months while we prepared the big trip and loved every moment of it.  There was even a risky moment where Jo started to feel she could move here permanently.

Chris did too, but Polish is hard.  Really hard.


 The Future

That’s it at the moment, more places will be added as we go.