The People

The Thames river-taxi
The Thames river-taxi


Hi!  This is the travel blog of Chris and Jo.  We met in London back in 2010 and have lived, worked and partied there for 7 years now.  We met in a restaurant near Victoria station and had a terrible first date, but after almost everything went wrong we had a great time together and somehow kept seeing each other.




Vis, Croatia
Vis, Croatia

After a couple of years we moved in to our first flat, then in 2016 we got engaged in a lovely Airbnb on the Island of Vis, Croatia.







Chris and Jo in Wrocław, Poland.
Wrocław, Poland

We got a little fed up of the constant pressure, over crowding and general dirtiness of the city and when Chris lost his job we decided to start planning ‘The Trip’.

A couple of months later Jo resigned from her job and we packed most of our possessions into a small storage container and moved to her hometown of Wrocław, Poland.



Backpacking through Rome
Rome Station

Chris is a massive gear nerd.

Seriously, he lives by the mantra “It’s better to have gear and not need it, than need it and not have it.”

Jo is incredibly organized when it comes to activities.

When we backpacked down Italy a few years back she planned so much stuff for us to do we wiped out on a beach and did abslutly nothing for a week.



The Plan

  1. Move out of London
  2. Move to Wrocław
  3. Get the right equipment to keep us alive and hygienic for a year
  4. Buy a hammock
  5. Shove it all into a couple of rucksacks
  6. Get on an airplane destined for Asia
  7. ????????

The Travel Hammock

The Hammock
The Hammock

The Travel Hammock was a bit of a mistake.  Chris traveled back to the UK before the big trip started to spend Christmas with his family and on the way through London partook in one of his favorite activities – window shopping ‘gear’.

He loves gear, tools, gadgets – anything that can make him more ready to face the day and prepared to tackle any situation.

It was in one of his favorites, Cotswold Outdoor, that he first discovered a travel hammock – a tiny single seater affair by Life Systems which would be perfect to take with us and not take much room.  Jo loves hammocks so one selfie-with-a-hammock later and the idea was born.

But us being us, we couldn’t just buy a Hammock without research, so we hit the Internet to find ‘The Hammock’.

We finally found a good one on Amazon, the GIOHOS Double Parachute Hammock, it came with a mesh bottom which would be perfect in the heat, was structurally put together using Parachute Nylon so would be strong and lightweight, came with tree clips and was cheap – so if the plan didn’t work we wouldn’t feel too bad disposing of it.

Then it turned up, and was way bigger than we thought it would be – hahaha laughs all around – but it’s a hammock so Chris ditched some clothes and the hammock is coming with us.

And so, the story of the Hammock begun – an idea which grew into one of the largest bits of kit we are taking and now a blog – because who doesn’t love a good hammock?